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For thousands of years, scientists have been investigating the phenomenon of magnets and their effects. From the time of Aristotle, across the middle ages and up to the present day, intensive research has been conducted.

Fact is: the earth's powerful magnetic field has an influence on all aspects of life.


This is linked to the electro-magnetic vibrations of the atoms that build up the core of every life form. Numerous phenomenon in nature can be accounted for which are the direct result of magnetism: Migratory birds orientate themselves on the magnetic fields of the earth, regardless of the weather. Also the teachings of Feng Shui are based on the laws of magnetism. According to these teachings, all living quarters should be built and aligned along the direction of the magnetic flow to maintain balance, the Chi. Similar to acupuncture and homoeopathy, it is not simple to provide medical proof of the effects of magnets.


That is why you should form your own opinion about the power of the magnets.